@akr I get the motivation, but the downsides vastly outweigh the upsides in my opinion. It violates Freedom 0 of the definition of Free Software, and steps over the line of a copyright license and into the realm of EULAs. It imposes conditions on mere end-users, not just distributors. It's probably not even enforceable in many jurisdictions (it has certainly never been tested in court).

@scanlime I think that's just cargo cult. It's pretty much Windows installers, which invariably come with support for a click-through EULA wizard step, so people stuff the GPL in there. Also something something "know your rights" something (but that doesn't explain the "I agree" button).

@scanlime The GPL is like a threshold/layer in the project inheritance tree, below which everything needs to be GPLed (or compatible). But the AGPL takes the ridiculous step of controlling *usage*, not just *distribution*, and that's just nuts. That's not a copyright license, that's an EULA.

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@scanlime AGPL specifically. The GPL has its pros and cons, but the AGPL is just ridiculous.

@qdot The federation experience is... rather unpolished.

Japan somehow manages to go from "I need to use the heating" to "I need to use the aircon" in the span of a week, every spring. Vice versa in the fall.

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Instances such as awoo.space insisting that -other- instances subscribe to a specific blocklist in order to federate seems like a particularly slippery slope.

I'm no fan of this kind of diplomacy & negotiation. Insisting that people join your ostracization clique is -bad- social ethics, and it -will- be weaponized at some point.

Supposedly Pixiv's instance (pawoo.net) is getting banned from other servers left and right for loli content. Meanwhile on my Twitter timeline: twitter.com/tadsan/status/8532 On the minus side, nobody's ever going to agree on where to draw the line. On the plus side, nobody's ever going to agree on where to draw the line. Go decentralization, I guess?

@Miluda @walfie Well I guess I should've just told you here directly, lol. Anyway, yes, just update the link. The AGPLv3 is silly.

On the plus side, Japanese users can now write entire light novels in one toot. That's gotta be worth something.

I thought maybe there was a chance this would take off. Then I realized Mastodon is AGPLv3. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. The Little Evil EULA That Wished It Were A Real Free Software License.


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