I thought maybe there was a chance this would take off. Then I realized Mastodon is AGPLv3. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. The Little Evil EULA That Wished It Were A Real Free Software License.

@marcan I never saw it as so outlandish for online services: it's basically "if you use it, release your source" as opposed to "if you distribute it, release your source": the strongest copyleft, an attempt to make sure contributions to the project as a whole aren't lost from individual instances which might fade away. Makes sense for something federated to me?

(I can see where you're coming from, but I'm not qualified to speak about that.)

@akr I get the motivation, but the downsides vastly outweigh the upsides in my opinion. It violates Freedom 0 of the definition of Free Software, and steps over the line of a copyright license and into the realm of EULAs. It imposes conditions on mere end-users, not just distributors. It's probably not even enforceable in many jurisdictions (it has certainly never been tested in court).

@marcan Well, Mastodon is not the only implementation ;).

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